Séance de 23 février

Lieu: IHPST, 13 rue du Four, Paris

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la prochaîne séance du séminaire “Histoire et Philosophie de l’Informatique”, jeudi 23 Février juin 2016 à partir de 14h, IHPST, Paris avec la participation de Nicola Angius et Tomas Petricek.

Tomas Petricek (University of Cambridge), Monads are not what they seem

The notion of _monad_ (in the mathematical sense) and its use in functional programming has popularized category theory (a branch of abstract algebra) in programming community. Many programmers believe that they now need to understand category theory in order to become better functional programmers. But how do computer scientists and programmers actually use the monad structure in their research narratives and in practice? 
In this talk, I will briefly introduce monads and then discuss the different metaphors that programmers use when explaining monads. I will look at the kinds of questions that researchers attempt to answer with monads, but also what questions become valid (and ill-formed) once we start looking at programming through the perspective of category theory. Monads are an interesting topic not just because of their popularity, but because they serve as a prime example of _abstraction_ in programming - and can illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the theoretical programming language research paradigm. 

Nicola Angius (Università di Sassari),  From Simulative Programs as Theories to Theories of Simulative Programs